Deccan Herald 9th December 2016

Dazzle the season – Deccan Herald 9 Dec 2016

Dazzle the season


Deccan Herald 9th December 2016

Looking great and feeling comfortable in our second skin is something we all desire, be it for any occasion. And with Christmas just around the corner, it’s time to dress up and make a style statement that will make heads turn. Many, perhaps, have already started looking out for the perfect outfit that they can don for the midnight mass and the Christmas party that follows.

As the temperatures drop, fabrics like velvet and suede seem to be taking the fashion world by storm this season. It is the versatile and winter-friendly nature of these fabrics that is making them popular. Renju Joseph, an image and reputation manager, says that these fabrics add a shine to the outfit and keep one warm, making them ideal for both the mass as well as the party. “I would recommend men to choose velvet or suede in terms of jackets while women can sport a knee-length dress pairing a jacket with artificial fur, which is presently in vogue. As for makeup, a smoky eyes look with bling colours is in and looks great as long as one is not overdoing it,” says Renju.

The classic colours for Christmas, red and black, seem to be evergreen favourites for many. And Renju suggests that if one is donning a red dress, a little above the knee, they can team it with an overcoat that is longer than the dress itself.

However, if it is a black dress, wearing a jacket that is a little below the knee with artificial fur running through the border is sure to catch attention.

“Matching bracelets with one’s shirt, tie or cufflinks and wooden bracelets are trending among men and clutches matching the outfit are trending among women. They can also wear contrast colour shoes with not very high inch heels; this will keep them stylish yet comfortable,” adds Renju.

Designer Payal from the label ‘Payal & Zinal’ says that there are a lot of short-fitting dresses that will be gracing the party season.

“The ‘little black dress’ is a classic and this year too, it has retained itself in the list of all fashionistas. Bling and lace are back and so are sequinned dresses in metallic colours like gold and silver. Apart from this, plunging necklines and bold chokers are something to look forward to this season,” says Payal.

She points out that Christmas is a festival best identified with the colour palette used in different outfits. Green, red and maroon are the highlights of this party season. People can look for a cuff-length dress and also off-shoulder ones.

Kerina Pereira, who attends the midnight mass with her family every year, says it’s just once a year when she gets to dress up, which is for Christmas, and she makes the most of it. Being an Anglo-Indian, she shares the traditional way of choosing an outfit for the mass and the Christmas party. “Back in the day, people used to buy the material they liked and go to a tailor to get their outfits stitched. I kind of still follow the legacy and make sure to get at least one of my outfits, either a top or a skirt, stitched from the tailor. However, this year I am planning to go trendy by wearing an off-shoulder printed knee-length dress for Christmas and a ‘little black dress’ for New Year,” she says.

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