TATTOOS: The Perception

Egyptian mummies to iced icemen have been excavated with ink needled into their body, the art goes a long time. Tattoos denoted ranks and demanded respect

The piece of art could reinforce perception into negative stereotyping. Well, not all criminals have tattoos for identification. We don’t say tattooed people should receive preferential treatment or benefits. However, employers who provide flexibility and freedom to allow inked staff, provides higher hiring options, higher retention rates, and better public relations. The outcome would unfold into higher profits and margins.

Recent polls still show that being inked is one of the strongest factors effecting recruitment. People with tattoos reconsider jobs, if the corporate policies are too rigid. Recruitment takes a brunt finding qualified, experienced, skilled and employable talent if their policies are too rigid.

If corporate policies indicate covering up the ink that could symbolize a family member, memory or values that hold intrinsic meaning, it would hurt the strength of the company. If companies value the individuality and character of their employees, the employees in return value the character and culture of the company.

Let’s get real, people do not change their shopping habits even if the staff are inked.

Then why get INKED:

1. Self expression
2. Style statement
3. Spiritual believes
4. Cover up of surgical scar tissue, birth marks and pigmentation
5. Representing a name or memory

Protocols of a Professional Tattoo Artist:
1. The client should not be under the influence of intoxication
2. Unless an adult family member subscribes to the inking, the artist would not work with an individual under the age of 18. Also the tattoo would shift positions of the tattoo and also resize due to the changing body.
3. The clients are advised on the inks, length and colour to be used on them.
4. A check on allergies is done, usually a test pack is induced into the inner side of the arm and checked for reactions.
5. Names of other individuals are usually advised below the neck area and fore arms. Then it is user discretion.

So the long and short of it, tattoos are highly individualistic and the write up should help you decide your untrodden/trodden road into inking yourself.

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