Alternate Practical Substitutions-hope to a billion

Boundaries! They are a trained state of the mind. If we choose to unfetter, then opportunities could seem boundless. Oppression is always externally infused. We are defined by the state of oppression we subject ourselves to. Confidence is an offshoot.

Schools that create gender-biased spaces (girls only or boys only) build reservations weaving patriarchal or matriarchal loom into our lives. This further trickles down into pursuits for freedom and rightful honor.

Our childhood is our establishment to life. It plays critical afterward our late twenties, since this is also mostly time to make decisions, assess and calculate risks.

Machiavellianism, narcissism, crime in general, crime against women, sexual dysfunctions, increasing divorce rates, fear of authority are a few derivatives shaped by this form of repression and lack of open social connection.

Good news is answers can be found in behavioral sciences but there is still a taboo attached to it. To fill the vacuum “Alternate Practical Substitutions” to behavioral sciences are on the rise. These provide practical, skill-based, application-oriented tools to enhance persona and to increase the quality of life.

To understand “Alternate Practical Substitutions” are honing life skills. One needs to understand the mind and skillset of a pick-up artist. This is easily identified in the infamous Charles Shobraj. He had his way through to a lady and a man. He was confident, he got what he wanted and he sold dreams. He was demented, but had he employed his skills right he could have run a nation and peddled hope to a billion.

Why would we urge you to lean towards “Alternate Practical Substitutions”? While it is not a front side treatment, it is also not considered a taboo . It empowers one to know ones’ self better, releasing unexploited potential, understanding the gender bias, navigating authority, encouraging work presence and efficiency, structuring negotiating power, enhancing customer relations, marketing and sales leadership, and such. The benefits break boundaries and barriers.

When the values are so elevating, why is it not used main-stream? The solution lies in opening yourself to the benefits, or simply ignoring the topic because it seems possibly offensive. Progress only come to an open and trained mind.

Some folks are born with that magnetic power, some try, some don’t even know how. But there’s the fourth kind, who (l)earn the skills and techniques to become more attractive.
Reach us and we could show you a different dimension of the way you look at life.

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