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Brogues or Loafers, yet SOCKLESS! Is this a fashion fail.

If there is fashion, then the word “fad” is quiet synonymous with it. The word “fad” means “an intense and widely shared enthusiasm for something, especially one that is short-lived; a craze”.

When we look at fads and classics over a hundred years, certainly we can understand that fads then popular are irrelevant now.

The sock has been around since ancient times. The 16th century saw the first machine knit sock, the 1800s, saw both hand knits and machine knits. However, later it became more machine knits.

The sock was first used as thermal-wear and to keep the feet warm. Then realization happened. It was then used as protection to keep the feet from hurting on the footwear. Later the bad odours emitted embarrassed us, let’s just be appraised that the feet have the highest points of perspiration and the sock came in handy, absorbed sweat and avoided much spillage to the footwear.

These realizations created ease.

In the 70s and 80s cheerleaders broke rules for the first time. They went sockless, then on it went to be widely used by women in sport because it proved aerodynamic. And later by men in sport for the same reason.

Towards the summer of 2007, the men-folk seemed to take sockless to a different plain in fashion. They were and are trending sockless. 2014 happened to create a new trend. We suddenly saw socks disappear into the shoe, for some it was sockless but for the informed it came in the name of “low cuts” (unexposed sock which is not visible outside the shoe). It pushed the bar further, laced or loafered, suited or sporty, the male seems to have their run.

So what would Ace Infiniti term this, “a definite fad”, do we support this or term it as a fashion fail, definitely not, we understand fads but yet; play by the rules, we believe classic is safest.

Now that the trending has commenced, some would be comfortable but others who would not like to break that comfort by going sockless, especially suited up. We would suggest stay afloat until a little later, the trend would be around longer before going into the oblivion. This trend could bring in high stake players to revisit style and comfort sockless, else it would go down as opportunity or even potential left untapped.

The processing of leather or canvas has definitely fined out with new technology to research. However, considering the number of nerve endings we have at our feet, a pair of socks is definitely well deserved. Sockless, the number really doesn’t add up. Socks have been here for a reason and the reason is, it’s not a fad.