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Movember! What’s the deal? Lets educate ourselves

Movember! the word is a blend of the Moustache “mo”, and “November”.

This is an annual event involving the growing of moustaches during the month of November, to raise awareness of various cancers and depression in men. Funds are collected then donated to support, research and treat the ailment. The goal of “Movember” is to “change the face” of men’s health.

Most good sparks spill over at an offhand meet and this too coincidentally started at a pub.

The movement started in Australia in 1999 with a group who termed themselves “Movember”. They sported mustaches through out November to be identified and attached to the cause.

30 days in November and 30 people it started with.

The word caught on and events were organized to raise funds for the cause, later fashion identified with it. People participated for the best upper lip mane, a winner was chosen and crowned. The winner is then known as the face of the movement for that entire year.

The wave of the cause has reached other shores. It was no longer country specific, but a cause to help men-kind.

One may not be linked to the foundation but one sure has known cancer and depression at least through loved ones.

That mane above the lip was a chauvinistic statement of manhood in yester cinema. Though the lines sound quiet clichéd, but only the man can have one. So MAN UP. There could be awareness and events in your city. Take part, wear your best wears, take home the prizes, socialise, meet new people. It would be fun and your fun could just translate into another’s recovery.

Sport one this November, it could be thin, it could be handle bar, it could also be a beard. Let that beard or moustache remind one that you stood ground for a cause. Ace Infiniti says let’s deprive the world of CANCER, and let us start NOW!

Clothing & Style – The Importance

Not too long ago, there was a song called “Ironic” which had a line “I had a black fly in my chardonnay”. Socially embarrassing of course, if we did not know what a chardonnay meant and we wanted to order one.

There are contradictions to this line but yet, let’s choose to stick with the explanation below for the essence of the subject.

It meant “We have a glass of fine wine but as (un)luck would have it, we cannot or would not drink it because there’s a nasty fly in it”. Now that’s why on the larger picture it gives us an understanding why the song was titled “Ironic”.

Style and fashion also have the “black fly” and the “chardonnay” factor looming above.

We rely on easy sighted knowledge for our style and wears. We rely heavily on pictorial, digital or the visual media. These could be easily searched or seen, at that right or left click of the remote or mouse.

Sometimes google plays our 18-year-old mother, father or tutors. Yet they seem to be blind. Most of the information that is put across, is either obscure or un-curated. You cannot link the pattern or sequence. Hence relying on such information will seem to be more confusing than informative. We would not want more confusion in our lives, we already have enough of it.

Now since confusion rules the roost, we would want to rely on researched knowledge and material that has been tested to work.

It has been proven that our impressions and style give us that edge to success. Many books have been published on how one could up their quotient to that impeccable impression and style. These publications are the second highest in number after books on parenting (which by the way are the highest selling world over).

So what is going to carry us through that door to success is the way we look and the way we carry ourselves. Our clothing not only plays our recommendation but also our ticket to bigger opportunities. We don’t want to miss that out like many have. If we dive back in history, even presidential elections were won or lost because clothing sent across the message.

Clothing is a power tool, we either use it effectively or we don’t but the latter will define our success and will define later the strong reasoning why we are still looking out for opportunities to succeed.

Our work will talk, but until we have that coveted seat. Then too we cannot shout out loud, because there are going to be miles before you sleep. Your clothing sends across a statement. The statement of trustworthiness and dependability.

Your style defines you.

So the choice is obvious. We just have to make that decision NOW.


Navy Blues, Charcoal Greys, Blacks. Stores sell these colours the most. Yes they are safe, but sometimes even safe is not so safe. “Funerals” hell yeah, sometimes  it looks like we are dressed to attend them.  The good part is, the part of the world we live in (INDIA) “We get away with Kurthas or even a pair of jeans”.
Suiting up is a great way to bring into your world, the feeling that you have arrived. Who wouldn’t want to suit up every day. When you do it, it shows power, it shows success and confidence. Well, every one doesn’t fit into a Italian or American, so fit is key and then the colour. Charity or even clarity starts at home.


Cerise, Chartreuse, cobalt, claret, crimson, emerald, gold, hazel, indigo, mauve, orange, plum,red, russelt, silver, violet…………

India and colors go a long way back, cultures, invasions, innovation, experiments or plain artistry, it’s just a part of us. No other part of the world uses so many colors like we do.

When we use them we just indulge, like staying afloat with no worry of sinking but just enjoying the colourful feeling.

With rich history we just happened to borrow a lot of influence into the modern age that we can never look or feel monotonous.

Many of the conclusions drawn with research just prove that we just got things right by ages of practice. We just knew it, even before “Pantone” started adding alphanumeric values to colors.

Sometimes it’s a factor with our emotions. We actually felt color therapy even before it was coined a therapy.

We could be diverse and have many colors at sight but its something personal to every individual, when we indulge in colour. To get it right we need to understand our personal colors and the aspects of dressing colour down into our clothing or up to the face by make-up. Otherwise it might seem like we have color but we wouldn’t know how to use it.