“Sometimes in life, what you are searching would be right behind you". Well this was a forwarded message from a friend and yes life does have its accepted turns and then lands right. This is how ACE INFINITI happened too. Cutting the story short it started by helping a friend be styled and groomed for his special day his marriage.

The response was significant and more requests paved in but yet; the lack of expertise crippled the process. It is a huge responsibility.

Consistency is responsibility and the quench to learn, led the stars to show light above the east coast in Atlanta, Georgia. That followed by an intensive learning in India. The learning was immense and scientific. Graphs were plotted, formulae were introduced. Sometimes a calculator seemed handy just to get the person dressing right. Dressing for not just physical, social or aesthetic needs but also physiological and psychological.

So you’ve got your clothes super stylish, your accessories spot on, you are well dressed mane to toe, but what about your demeanor? Your outside can carry you half the distance, but what’s going to complete your miles is your demeanor. So take care guys and girls, to have the impeccable manners and etiquette and let the real you shine through. Yes, none of us are perfect but practice makes near perfect, so let’s work on our outside and inside. No substitute in the world a stellar behavior.

Wow! Now its Season 2. You have got out there, now sustenance is order. We are conditioned beings, like the elephant reacts to that little rope it is apprehended to. We have been taught or made to follow, we are taught to believe a little less than what we could BE. We are tied to that little rope which we know can snap with a little the tug. We don’t make one unlearn their values, we lean on it and craft you to go-get your goals.

Magic is what we add to our portfolio. You will see it happening when you choose ACE INFINITI. We craft brands, The brand YOU. We are Style Consultants, Image Designers, Personal Designers and Lifestyle consultants. We take the raw diamond in you and just polish it and cut it right. We Ace Infiniti…

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