Nikhil Gowda could use our Services-Indian Express 18th November 2016

By Express News Service | Published: 18th November 2016 10:43 PM


Did you know Kim Kardashian adorned the cover of Forbes magazine recently advising readers on how to run business?
In an age where visual and viral streamline profi ts, image consultants can make or break a moviestar, sportsperson or a politician. City Express catches up with image consultant Renju Joseph from on how glamorous and hectic the profession is.



What is your academic and professional background?

I am a certified Image Designer, with a degree in arts.

Who are your clients?

Majority of my clientele are HNI’s from Corporate houses (read CxO’s), politicians, movie stars, spouses of our clients, marriage prospects, professionals seeking change from their current portfolio, people who want to sustain their professional environment and everyone who seeks to enhance their scale and lifestyle. The overall age group ranges from 28-72, but majority of my clientele are in the 34-62 range.

What kind of image makeover do you do?

Our image engineering framework is a 180 degree makeover of personal, professional and social image engineering. Personal image engineering is the foundation to crafting professional and social messaging. Unless my clients personally adopt and live the image, they cannot pull of the right messages in professional and social in- teractions.

How long do you take to rebuild an image? Does a personal makeover take longer than a professional one? Or vice versa?

There is no fixed timeline for either, most clients tend to respond better to professional image building exercises since they impact the most and can see value faster. Personal image building is a slow process since it takes time to unlearn and up-skill.

How long do you ‘stay’ with a client to help them maintain the image?

What if they cannot stick to the new image? Usually a six-month intervention is the least, but most clients tend to consult even after the makeover is accomplished. When clients are unable to maintain their new image, we intervene to diagnose the root causes leading to this unsustainability.

Which Bengalurean celebrity/politician desperately needs an image makeover?

Every public figure needs us, that’s the gospel truth. We would love to give Nikhil Gowda (grand son of Devagowda and son of Kumaraswamy) an image make over especially after his recent film and his aspirations to follow the a legacy, he could leverage our services.

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