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This Movember, go the distance-Times of India 4 November 2016

This Movember, go the distance with these whacky moustache styles
Mohammed Waseem| TNN | Nov 4, 2016, 12.00 AM IST


It’s November, and that can mean only one thing for men who love facial hair, or love supporting worthy causes, or both — Movember. The annual event, named so by blending the words ‘moustache’ and ‘November’, involves growing moustaches during this month to raise awareness of various cancers and depression in men. The movement had very humble beginnings. Renju Joseph, a Bengaluru-based image designer and lifestyle consultant, says, “The movement started in Australia in 1999 with a group of about 30 people who sported moustaches throughout November to be attached to the cause. Word caught on and eventually, events were organized to raise funds for the cause.”
Since it’s followed all around the world, we give a list of 10 unique but easy-to-maintain moustache styles for men this Movember…A La Souvarov
Named after the Russian General Alexander Suvorov, it is a combination of moustache and sideburns that grow down and then curve up like a candy cane to connect with the moustache. The moustache has two wide wings with a curve into the burns.

The style consists of three sections — moustache, chin beard as well as a soul patch under your lower lips, without the moustache and beard touching each other. It’s a classy style that’s very easy to maintain as well.

The Chaplin, or also known as the toothbrush, is a style that has shaved edges, except for three to five centimeters above the centre of the lip, with the sides of the moustache vertical instead of tapered. Adolf Hitler and Charlie Chaplin famously sported it.

Friendly Mutton Chops
A style made famous by American soldier and politician Ambrose Burnside, this style has thick sideburns that extend to the edge of the mouth and connect to a hearty moustache. Pro tip: The bottom line of the sideburns should define the jaw line.

Fu Manchu
The Fu Manchu, named after the fictional character created by Irish author Sax Rohmer who sports a similar style, is grown exclusively from the corners of the upper lip, and hangs down past the clean-shaven mouth and chin area.

One of the most recognizable styles, the Handlebar is a particularly lengthy moustache, which upwardly curve on either side of the face. This style is named so for its resemblance to the handlebars of a bicycle.

This is a full moustache with vertical extensions grown on the corners of the lips and down the sides of the mouth to the jawline, resembling an upside-down U or a horseshoe. The width of the whiskers vary depending on each person’s preference



This is a neatly-clipped, thin moustache that sported a little above the lip, as if it had been drawn using a pencil. A large gap is left between the nose and the moustache.


The Zappa

Named after Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Frank Zappa, The Zappa is a full, bushy moustache with edges that droop slightly past the corners of the mouth (but not as much as the Horseshoe) and includes a stout soul patch.

Mohammed Waseem| TNN | Nov 4, 2016, 12.00 AM IST


What can I do with my bridal wear after?

“I like my money, when its hanging in my closet”-Sex And The City

If the quote reeked of desire, then Indians felt desire correction towards the fag end of 2016.

“Its time to smell the money, over” -The Bank Job

2016 will always go down as a start year for desire correction in history. First it was valuation corrections now its market corrections.

India, today has Rs. 14000 lac crores to demonetize with the once strong denominations to a fancy piece of paper. That’s a hell a lot of cash for a nation with a population of 1.27+ billion and only 3% rich and super rich. People are now holding on to their change like a premium clutch.

“Show me the money”- Jerry Maguire

The $3 billion nuptial industry has definitely taken the whip with the current affairs. The nuptial season has just been declared open. Whether we have the bank rolls or not, a wedding is not permitted to be a simple affair but an indulgance. We indulge not just with a dash of grandeur, but dollops of it.

The clothing is a start to excavation, excavation into the purse or wallet. The clothing later could either be stored as heirloom, donated or we look at processes of selling or even renting out. New found ideas to optimise the wears have started a parallel fashion industry.

What makes wedding wear expensive? It’s the workmanship, craftsmanship, materials and the bespoke styling.

“You think I want money, no I want my morning back”-Changing Lanes 

Clutter brings along emotional toll so lets learn how to optimise our wears.

Bridal wear designers say that, many of their customers are faced with a catch 22 situation, when it comes to their bridal wears after their special day. So designers now work on a trendy perspective and fresh looks to optimise their wears for different occasions.

Lets see how bridal wear could be optimised.

“This is how we do it”

We are going to take wears from different nuptials and transform them into versatile wears. We are also going to mix and match with different other pieces of clothing to make outfits for different other occasions.



  • 1. The above was previously a saree* used for a Vivaah. The saree* was later cut and made into separate outfits. The blouse has been used as a choli* with the incorporation of the net pallu* from the saree* an extension was created to give the layered look. The tassels which aligned the border of the saree* were taken and used to create a neck piece and ear pieces, blending well into the colour scheme of the outfit.



  • 2.  The second garment was used for the Nikaah. The outfit is rich with DORI work and other hand embroidery. The outfit contains an inner bodice, palazzopants*, outer jacket and a dupatta*. This outfit was made to be used as separate pieces as indo-western wears, smart casuals or purely ethnic wear.


  • 3. The third outfit was a western wedding gown. The outfit was later split into separate pieces, a skirt, a top and a veil. The skirt could be worn separately to match any contrasting top. The top could be worn separately with jeans, trousers, and skirts. The veil was later used as a dupatta* and teamed with the according outfit. The skirt could also be used as a lehangacholi*.

“Every thing you imagine is real”- Pablo Picasso

Some more ways to optimise.

  • 1. Realign into a cocktail dress.
  • 2. Dye the dress into a more versatile colour.
  • 3. Use as a sentimental wall hanging in a frame along with a collage of pictures.
  • 4. Take bits of the dress and embed them into a pendent.
  • 5. Use some of the lace in the wedding photo album.
  • 6. Transform that dress into lingerie. Flabbergasted?! But    true, it is an achievable feat if the dress is adorned with laces, satin or other soft fabric. It could be used for that special occasion maybe your first anniversary, or even that jubilee year (you would want to check the fit though)


  • 1. Saree – A garment consisting of a length of cotton or silk draped around the body.
  • 2. Choli – A short-sleeved blouse or bodice, often one exposing part of the midriff, worn by women in India
  • 3. Pallu – The loose end of a saree that’s worn over the head and shoulder
  • 4. Palazzo pants – A type of loose-fitting wide-legged women’s trousers
  • 5. Dupatta – Is a long, multi-purpose scarf that is essential to many South  Asian women’s suits that match the woman’s garments.
  • 6. Lehengas – A form of skirt from the Indian subcontinent which is long, embroidered and pleated

PC. Ravidas

Make Up

Make-up is a technique to pronounce or counter predominantly the face to appear more attractive.

Well, make-up is not restricted only to the lady, the man also has the need to pronounce and counter. For example, in the case of a film if the main lead would like to have his abs pronounced he could, with the help of make-up.

The man again has the liberty of facial hair to counter majority areas around the face, however the lady does have to rely on make-up to counter or pronounce the face.

Most widely used types are of two kinds – night and day make up. Both are contrary to each other. But don’t be surprised, there’s more to explore in make-up.

How to pick a quality watch?

Tic tok….Tic tok.

The piece of chrono now has the handheld for competition but there is nothing more classic that a perfect one strapped on the wrist. It ensures a quick show of time, punctuality reassured, a piece to show that you still respect yours and others time.

How would you still get the best ticking on your wrist?

Quick pointers:

  1. Place the piece close to the ear, if you hear the sound of tic toks, then you can’t be proud. Silence is golden and it applies here too, a silent piece is quality.
  2. The craftsmanship, workmanship and the weight plays a role.
  3. The glass quality also says a lot. The way it is cut determines if it’s master piece.
  4. The base cap, explains details of the piece and that is quality assurance.
  5. Then the strap quality.  Whether it’s leather or metal this aspect too shouts the price.

Please be aware, these features contribute to a quartz and not the mechanical.